Evolving Roles of Allied Health Professionals in Chronic Disease Management: A Narrative Review

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Muhammad Bin Zia
Sheikh Muhammad Asad Saddique


Background: Chronic diseases are a major global health challenge, particularly in under-resourced settings where healthcare systems struggle to meet the demands for effective management. Allied health professionals (AHPs) are increasingly recognized for their role in filling these gaps, offering innovative solutions and expanding their traditional roles within the healthcare team.

Objective: This review aims to explore the evolving roles of allied health professionals in managing chronic diseases, emphasizing their contributions and interventions in under-resourced settings.

Methods: A comprehensive literature search was conducted from July 2022 to December 2023 using databases such as PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Science. The inclusion criteria encompassed peer-reviewed articles, systematic reviews, and case studies that discussed the roles and effectiveness of AHPs in chronic disease management. Data were extracted on various parameters including study design, AHP roles, patient outcomes, and intervention effectiveness.

Results: The review synthesized data from 156 articles, highlighting significant trends in role expansion and the effectiveness of AHP-led interventions. Innovations such as telehealth and mobile health clinics were noted to improve access and outcomes in managing chronic diseases. Quantitative findings included improvements in patient adherence and reductions in hospital readmission rates.

Conclusion: Allied health professionals play a critical role in enhancing chronic disease management, especially in resource-limited settings. Their expanding roles and innovative approaches significantly contribute to improved patient care and system efficiencies.

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Muhammad Bin Zia, Superior University, Pakistan.

Demonstrator, Superior University, Pakistan.

Sheikh Muhammad Asad Saddique, THQ Hospital Samanabad Lahore, Pakistan.

Consultant, THQ Hospital Samanabad Lahore, Pakistan.