Ethics Statement

Ethics and Malpractice Policy


The Insights-Journal of Health and Rehabilitation (IJHR) is steadfast in its commitment to the highest ethical standards and integrity in academic publishing. This document outlines the ethical responsibilities and expectations of all participants in the manuscript submission, peer review, and publication process, including authors, editors, and reviewers.


Responsibilities of Authors:


Originality and Citation: Authors must ensure their work is entirely original, appropriately cited, and acknowledges all contributions. Plagiarism in any form is strictly prohibited.

Data Integrity: Authors are prohibited from fabricating or falsifying data. They are expected to present their findings truthfully and without manipulation.

Exclusive Submission: Submitting the same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently is unethical and therefore not allowed.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Authors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest at the time of submission to ensure transparency.

Duties of Editors:


Objective Decision-Making: Publication decisions are made based on the academic merit of a manuscript without discrimination.

Confidential Handling: Manuscripts are to be treated confidentially, and unpublished information cannot be used by editors for their own research without explicit written consent from the authors.

Responsive Action: Editors are required to address ethical complaints related to a submitted or published manuscript promptly and with due diligence.

Responsibilities of Reviewers:


Constructive Feedback: Reviewers should provide objective and constructive feedback to enhance the manuscript's quality, offering unbiased and respectful critiques.

Confidentiality: Manuscripts received for review must be treated as confidential documents, not to be used for personal advantage.

Conflict of Interest and Integrity: Reviewers encountering conflicts of interest or potential ethical issues (including plagiarism and data inconsistency) must report these concerns to the editor immediately.

Timeliness: Reviewers are expected to complete their assessments within the allocated timeframe to facilitate a timely review process.

Addressing Allegations of Misconduct:


IJHR takes allegations of misconduct seriously. Any such allegations will be investigated comprehensively and swiftly, with a commitment to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of all parties involved.


If allegations are substantiated, IJHR will undertake appropriate corrective measures, including but not limited to the retraction of the published article, notification of the author's institution, and a ban on future submissions from the involved author(s).


This Ethics and Malpractice Policy aims to safeguard the integrity of the scientific record, foster transparent and honest collaboration among scholars, and ensure public trust in scientific findings. IJHR expects all individuals involved in the publishing process to adhere to these ethical standards rigorously.