Editor Selection Policy for the Insights-Journal of Health and Rehabilitation (IJHR)



To establish transparent, fair, and merit-based criteria and procedures for selecting editors for the Insights-Journal of Health and Rehabilitation (IJHR), ensuring adherence to the highest editorial standards.



Applicable to all editorial roles within IJHR, including the Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editors, and Section Editors.


Eligibility Criteria:


Prospective editors must:


  • Hold a doctoral degree (or equivalent) in a discipline relevant to the journal’s focus.
  • Boast a significant publication record in peer-reviewed journals within health and rehabilitation research.
  • Have prior editorial or peer review experience.
  • Maintain a strong professional reputation for integrity, professionalism, and ethical behavior.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to dedicating time and effort to their editorial duties.

Selection Process:


  • Nomination and Application: IJHR will publicly announce open editorial positions, inviting applications and nominations through various channels.
  • Application Requirements: Candidates are to submit an application package, including their CV, a statement of interest, and a vision statement for IJHR.
  • Review and Evaluation: A committee, consisting of current editorial members and external experts, will review applications based on set criteria, focusing on the candidates' editorial vision and experience.
  • Interviews: The most promising candidates may undergo interviews to further gauge their suitability and vision for the journal.
  • Final Selection: The selection committee’s recommendations are forwarded to the journal's governing body for final approval.

Term and Responsibilities:


Editors are appointed for a specified term (typically three to five years), with their main duties including managing the peer review process and shaping the journal's strategic direction. The term may be renewed based on performance evaluations.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure:


Applicants must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that could impact their editorial impartiality. These disclosures are considered during the selection process to ensure IJHR's integrity.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion:


IJHR values diversity in its editorial board composition, striving for a balanced representation across various demographics and disciplines.

Policy Review and Amendments:


This policy is subject to periodic review and amendments to adapt to evolving best practices and the journal's needs, ensuring it remains current and effective.


This comprehensive policy ensures that IJHR's editorial selection process is conducted with the utmost integrity, transparency, and commitment to excellence, fostering a high-quality publication that serves the research community effectively.