Nutritional Status and Its Association with Recovery Outcomes in Post-Operative Orthopedic Patients

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Mukhlis Ul Rehman
Noman Ahmad


Background: Optimal nutritional status is crucial for effective recovery in orthopedic surgery patients. However, the explicit correlation between various nutritional parameters and post-operative recovery metrics remains underexplored, particularly in the context of differing orthopedic procedures.

Objective: This study aims to delineate the relationship between nutritional status and recovery outcomes in post-operative orthopedic patients, thereby informing potential dietary interventions.

Methods: A cross-sectional survey was conducted from March 2023 to January 2024 across three major hospitals in Punjab, Pakistan, involving 384 orthopedic surgery patients. Nutritional assessment utilized validated dietary tools and clinical measures including BMI and serum protein levels. Recovery outcomes were evaluated through physical rehabilitation metrics such as pain levels, range of motion, and functional mobility. Statistical analyses included correlation and regression models to adjust for potential confounders.

Results: The average serum protein was 7.08 g/L, BMI was 25.50 kg/m², and pain level (VAS) averaged at 5.11. Patients with serum protein levels above the median demonstrated significantly better functional mobility outcomes. Moreover, a healthy BMI range correlated positively with enhanced range of motion and functional mobility. Notably, patients undergoing bone fracture repair reported higher pain levels (average 5.20) compared to those with joint replacements (average 5.03).

Conclusion: The study confirms that better nutritional status is associated with improved recovery outcomes in orthopedic patients. Strategic nutritional assessments and interventions should be integrated into post-operative care protocols to optimize recovery.

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Mukhlis Ul Rehman, NUR International University, Pakistan.

Physiotherapist/Lecturer, Fatima Memorial Hospital, FMH Institute of Allied Health Sciences, NUR International University, Pakistan. (NUR International University, Physiotherapist/Lecturer 2/22).

Noman Ahmad, Avicenna Medical College and Hospital Lahore, Pakistan.

Clinical physical therapist, Avicenna Medical College and Hospital Lahore, Pakistan.